What we do

Inspire Psychotherapy is a private psychotherapy practice situated on Rokeby Road in Subiaco, Perth. The therapists in our practice have been carefully selected in order to offer a diverse range of expertise, therapeutic styles and theoretical perspectives. Our therapists have specialized training and experience in the assessment and treatment of a full range of mental health issues.

addiction philosophy

The Inspire Psychotherapy team are passionate about helping people struggling with all forms of addiction. We are a highly experienced team familiar with all aspects of addiction. A strong knowledge of current findings from the field of neuroscience forms the foundation of our approach. Neuroscience is seen as highly complimentary to psychotherapy and more general treatment planning. Our practitioners ensure that they maintain up to date knowledge of current research findings in this and other areas.


the neuroscience within addiction

The field of neuroscience accepts addiction as being significantly dissimilar from a habit.   In considering this difference, the addicted brain is understood as eliciting powerful drives that are difficult to resist, and in extreme cases all consuming. These neurological changes shine light upon the irrational, compulsive and chronically relapsing nature of addiction that creates so much frustration and misunderstanding.